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You Reap What You Sow

“You’ve always had the power… you just had to learn it for yourself.”Glinda the Good Witch of the North from “The Wizard of Oz”

“You reap what you sow” is an expression that makes an important point – you get out of life exactly what you put in. If you want more out of life, you need to put more in, but, here’s the thing, doing more of what you’re already doing will get you more of what you already have; is that what you want?

If you’re not happy with the way your life is going, continuing to do more of the same will get you more of the same. If you’re not happy, more of the same is clearly not what you want. As an example, imagine you’ve decided you want to change the shape of your body, either by slimming down and losing fat or bulking up and gaining muscle, so you join your local gym. A couple of weeks into your programme, you look in the mirror and see all the things you don’t like about your body – too flabby, too scrawny, too skinny… the list goes on, so you decide to do more. More means upping your gym visits from twice a week to three times a week, and after a few more weeks of dedicated effort, you look in the mirror again.

Sigh! You still see a body shape you’re not happy with. So, what do you do now? Do you do more of the same and up your gym visits to four times a week? Before you do, there’s a more important question to be answered: why is doing more and putting in more effort not getting you what you want out of doing it? The answer is that getting what you want is not just about quantity of effort, it’s about quality of effort.

Positive outcomes are the result of positive thought processes. In the above body shape change example, your thought processes are negative. Your thoughts are focused only on what you don’t want so you are effectively putting in a negative effort and in return getting out a negative outcome.

Until you believe you can succeed, success is often elusive.

By switching your focus from negative to positive, you learn to see yourself as the person you want to become and in so doing, you see yourself taking positive action to get from where you are now to where you want to be. When you switch your focus away from what you don’t want and place it on what you do want, you instantly change your thought processes from negative to positive. You reap what you sow, but to reap what you want in life, what you sow must represent your best effort, both physical and mental. When you put in your best effort, you give yourself the best opportunity to reap the maximum rewards for every one of those efforts… you have the power.

Don MacNaughton is a High-Performance Coach and has worked tirelessly to help clients achieve success in the world of sport and business over the past 15 years.   The next, highly popular, NLP Diploma and Life Coaching Certificate course starts in September 2019.  Click here for more information or to sign up.

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