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How do you define success ?

“Worry about being better; bigger will take care of itself.” – Gary Comer

There was a time when taking part in a sponsored walk around the village green to raise money for good causes was deemed worthy of local news coverage, but today, unless you’re cartwheeling the route wearing a “beard of bees” and juggling swords at the same time, you’re unlikely to raise much interest. We live in a world where bigger is always best… but is it?

Not so long ago, becoming a millionaire was the ultimate dream in terms of achieving financial success, but in today’s world, what’s a mere million? Lottery ticket buyers wonder if it’s worth splashing out on an extra ticket when the prize is only a couple of million pounds as by today’s standards it takes multi-millionaire status to be deemed a financial success.

So, here’s a thought… Putting aside the knowledge that there’s more to life than money, if your numbers were to come up on the lottery, what sum of money would you like to win: £1000, £10 000, £10 million? Take a moment to consider what you would do with that money, and jot down your thoughts on what sum of money you’d need to achieve all the things that are coming to mind… you may discover that the more you think about it, the more things you could spend money on get added to your list!

You see, there’s an attitude of “bigger is better” in society today and an atmosphere of extreme competitiveness in every area of life. This, in turn, has added to the pressure on each and every one of us to do more, achieve more, and generally be more in order to experience the sense of satisfaction the advertising world tells us we’re all chasing in life, right?

“Success” by today’s standards appears to be measured mainly in terms of fame, fortune, and material possessions. To make matters worse, the success a lot of people want is instant success. The advertising world promises us “instant happiness” if we buy certain products, “instant wealth” if we buy into certain get-rich-quick schemes, and even “instant weight loss” if we subscribe to a certain diet plan. It’s no wonder we’ve become brainwashed into believing that we can have everything, and we can have it now. Unfortunately, this also leads to the belief that if you don’t have it all now, you’re a loser.

Wanting to be your best self and to realise your true potential is nothing to do with competing against others and everything to do with competing against yourself. True success can only ever be measured in terms of your own personal sense of satisfaction in life and your own personal sense of fulfilment through realising your own dreams.

So, is bigger better? No. It’s not about having more, it’s about having what you want.

Don MacNaughton is a High-Performance Coach and has worked tirelessly to help clients achieve success in the world of sport and business over the past 15 years.   The next, highly popular, NLP Diploma and Life Coaching Certificate course starts in September 2019.  Click here for more information or to sign up.


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